Posted by Charity on December 13th, 2008

After the almost two year presidential race, finally, someone in the mainstream media admits that Barack Obama is “young and inexperienced.”

Let this be a lesson to all you naysayers out there, the American media always gets the story right… even if it is after it no longer matters.

6 Responses to “Obama, Young and Inexperienced”

  1. Says in the article that he’s not nervous. Why should he be, none of it will be his fault. He has a get-out-of-the-blame card in
    Bush, anything that goes wrong for the next 4 years is
    because of Bush

  2. The fact that He’s not nervous should make all of us nervous.
    It suggests that he either doesn’t realize what will be required of him, or he’s arrogant and overconfident and will therefore make some dire mistakes.
    Actually, it’s probably a mix of the two.

  3. According to a Google News Search, a search on Obama young inexperienced gets you 1010 results during the period from January of 2008 through August 2008 alone. Just sayin’.

    I do wonder why so many right-wingers insist on playing the victim card, though.

  4. “Victim card”? Victim of what?

  5. Part of being a conservative is being a perpetual victim, no matter how good you may or may not have it. C’mon, odum.

  6. Victims of what? What are you guys even talking about?

    Wouldn’t I have to have voted for Obama to be a victim of something? I already knew that Obama was young and inexperienced. Wouldn’t a victim of the media’s love affair with Barack Obama have to be someone who bought into their narrative about him and voted for him?

    I don’t see how right-wingers and conservatives could fit into that category.