Posted by Charity on December 15th, 2008

The best part about blogging things a day or three after the news is that I don’t have to bore you with the back story.

By now you all read about the Iraqi journalist who threw a shoe at President Bush.

From a commentary at The Progressive,

Now I’m not for violence. But I am for standing up to bullies and brutalizers and mass murderers. That reporter had guts.

The irony in that paragraph is almost laughable.  I say almost only because there is nothing laughable about the Iraq war.

I certainly am not so presumptuous as to say that the Iraqis should be grateful for the US invasion, but I do have to wonder whether this reporter “had the guts” to stand up to the bully, brutalizer, and mass murderer who ruled Iraq before the US intervened.

I’m going to have to say, probably not, based on the fact that he is still, you know, alive.

Or as they put it over at Ace of Spades, with their characteristic sarcasm,

Apparently the man and his family were arrested, his wife raped in front of him and then the entire family was thrown screaming into a wood chipper. Oh sorry, that’s what would have happened if this brave Iraqi patriot had tried this during Saddam’s reign.

I am not a fan of the Iraq war either, but let’s keep some perspective here, people.  George W. Bush is not a brutal dictator.

Updated: Just for laughs…

6 Responses to “The Shoe Incident – Updated”

  1. I’ve been thinking the same thing. If a reporter had thrown a shoe at Saddam, he probably would have been shot dead before it hit the floor…if he was lucky.

  2. I find it quite amazing how the Q’oran is observed when it is convenient. According to the Book, when someone is in your house, you are to treat him with courtesy even if one doesn’t get along. Throwing a shoe at a guest doesn’t fit Q’oran practice.

    Strange how the Arab street is quiet about this breech of decorum.

  3. I’m not an Arab, so don’t claim to know anything about Arab decorum, but I’d guess interpretations may differ about what constitutes being in one’s house and what constitutes invading one’s country.

    Now there are reports the shoe thrower has suffered a broken arm and internal bleeding in custody. That’s not a good sign. Let’s hope Iraq has a functioning judicial system.

  4. Shoes, Eggs, Pies …. what Next?

  5. Many groups are looking to be the last one to “strike a blow” in order to claim to have “driven the Americans out”. This guy just bought into the propaganda. We have been kind enough as to give them a timeline, so if they time it just right they can position themselves as anti-American just when that becomes popular. If they pull it off, it translates to legitimacy on the street, and seats in the government. Iraqis hate a loser and love a winner, so if they see a particular bandwagon passing by that appears to be winning, they jump on.

  6. Lessee now: bush leads the lies that convinced the US to invade Iraq (a nation that never attacked us) leading to an opening of borders and an influx of al Qaeda (who had no presence in Iraq before dumbya’s invasion) and a general breakdown of Iraqi society with resulting deaths measured in the hundreds of thousands and maybe even millions.

    Some Iraqi reporter tosses a couple shoes at the above mentioned war criminal.

    I’m with the reporter.