Posted by Charity on December 19th, 2008

The case that became known nation-wide after Bill O’Reilly railed against the Vermont judge who gave child molester Mark Hulett a 60-day prison sentence just got even more disturbing.

It turns out that the mother of the child, who was abused for four year beginning when she was only 6, knew about the abuse and did nothing.

One time, the girl reported, Hulett was performing a sex act on her when her mother walked into the bedroom. She placed a dose of medicine on a table, then turned and left. The woman was wearing a shirt that read “World’s Best Mother,” the daughter recalled.

Now, the woman’s husband claims that she is being scapegoated.

The girl’s stepfather said Thursday he and his wife “made a mistake” in allowing Hulett to stay at their home — court papers say the couple allowed Hulett and the girl to share a bedroom, and even a bed — but the state is making them scapegoats for another person’s crimes.

“We paid our punishment,” the man, 39, said, referring to the loss of their daughter’s custody. “They have to blame somebody. They have to find somebody. So they’re pinning it on her. Who knows — I might be next.”

Actually, they didn’t need to “find somebody.”  They already imprisoned the two men who abused the child.

Honestly, I don’t understand why allowing a grown man to sleep in the same bed as your 6-year-old daughter was not grounds for criminal charges.  For Pete’s sake, they arrest mothers for leaving a child in the car while running into the store.

What this mother did was as bad as, if not worse than, what the abusers themselves did.  Parents are supposed to protect their children at all costs.  This woman gave her little girl to a pedophile for four years.  It is a shame that the mother only faces up to two years.

The mother denies having witnessed the abuse, but “court papers say authorities confronted the woman about the girl’s comments, and she admitted seeing what she believed was a sex act between Hulett and her daughter but not interfering.”

There is also an affidavit saying that the step-father also witnessed what he believed to be “a sex act.”  His response was to bring his concerns to the mother.

On a side note, why does the newspaper refer to this as “a sex act”?  Is the rape of a grown woman referred to as “a sex act”?  This is sexual abuse, molestation, rape.  Sex act makes it sound more benign.  Perhaps I am making too big a deal out of it.  This story just enrages me.

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  1. Agreed. And I think the step-father is also guilty. What is wrong with these people?