Posted by Charity on December 24th, 2008

Things that don’t matter:

Caroline Kennedy, Sarah Palin, Kathleen Parker, Blagojevich, the Office of the President Elect, Barack Obama’s bare chest, Dick Cheney not being sorry for telling Pat Leahy to bleep off, or even any of the dozens of things I could blog about that actually have some substance to them.

Things that do matter:

Opening up the morning paper and reading the obituary of my next-door-neighbors’ 6-month-old baby, who died in a car accident five days before Christmas.

There are people hurting all around us, yet we act as if this political BS is important.  It really isn’t, in the grand scheme of things.

Sure, our lives are affected by the policies that politicians put into place, but does that really make a difference in the things that matter?

While so many of us pat ourselves on the back for saving the world though blogging, the real heroes are the ones who are quietly and without much fanfare loving their neighbors and being there for those who are hurting.

That’s what really matters.

One Response to “What Matters”

  1. Very good. I’m glad to see someone understands that regular folks, although they don’t blog (don’t have time to) have the heart and spirit of life in their hands every day. Sometimes I get so tired of the Redneck/Yahoo line, as if anyone not on Daily Kos has no mind. I’ve seen some of the most venal self-promoting shit on Leftie blogs, and I sometimes wonder if all that has occured since 1980 isn’t simply the fault of a class (white) of people who once were the spoiled brats and bullies of the neighborhood. Keep punchin’ at ‘em.