Posted by Charity on January 23rd, 2009

From the Times Online (UK):

Missiles fired from suspected US drones killed at least 15 people inside Pakistan today, the first such strikes since Barack Obama became president and a clear sign that the controversial military policy begun by George W Bush has not changed.

Security officials said the strikes, which saw up to five missiles slam into houses in separate villages, killed seven “foreigners” – a term that usually means al-Qaeda – but locals also said that three children lost their lives.

From the comments:

Another president, another child killer.
dave, london, uk

Business as usual for the US President, I see.
Sam Carter, London, UK

Hope! Change! The world will love us!

On a side note, maybe the foreign policy of the Obama Administration won’t be a complete disaster.

One Response to “The New (Old) Foreign Policy”

  1. Yup, killing our enemy (the Taliban & Al-Qaeda) where he lives & breeds (Pakistan & Afghanistan)…sounds really “radical” to me. If I remember right, McSame was opposed to this kind of strike & your buddy Palin was in favor of it.

    And you missed these comments:
    “Obama made it clear during the election campaign and indeed in several interviews that he intended to attacks the relevant targets in Pakistan as the Pakistanis continued to prove their impotent or indifferent approach to the situation by the Afghan border. Obama must increase the heat on Pakistan

    Simon, Sydney, Australia

    I seem to remember Pakistan complaining the last time this happened. They complain a lot from the comforts of their government buildings. Don’t seem to do much for their country though!

    Andrew, Godalming, UK”