Posted by Charity on February 17th, 2009

Three years ago today, my channel 17 show, She’s Right, was preempted for town meeting candidate forums, so, inspired by Haik Bedrosian’s Burlington Pol, I decided to start a blog on blogspot to talk about local politics and other stuff.

Here is my first post.

I already had a website at, which served as a companion to the show, where I could post related links and links to the show’s podcasts, but blogging was something new.

Eventually, I started using for the blog.  Later, I moved to my own server and started using wordpress.

Wow.  Three years.

I almost forgot, until I just read a post on another blog about her first blogging anniversary.

A lot has changed about the blog in three years and, even now, I am still never sure exactly what I want to do with it.

It’s sort of like the blog is part of me; it grows and changes along with me.  It is never the same from one year to the next, yet it is.

Thank you all for coming by to read She’s Right.  Even though most of you don’t leave comments (hint, hint), I do appreciate that someone is interested in reading what I have to say.

6 Responses to “On This Day in 2006, A Blog Was Born”

  1. Happy Birthday SR and congratulations CT!

  2. Happy Birthday to She’s Right… The most influential blog in Vermont this week! (click “weekly influence index”)

  3. Wow, your eNatal day! Every good wish to SR (and Charity, too).

  4. Hey, happy blogiversary, Charity!

    I wish you many more.

  5. Thanks, everyone!

  6. And Haik, thanks for pointing that out. Obviously, their algorithm is flawed, but – hey – I’ll take it!