Posted by Charity on February 18th, 2009

This is sort of out of the range of the normal topics discussed here, but I found this article so fascinating.  Is talks about how they forecast which new fragrance trends to stock for Bramble Berry soap making supplies.  It is just amazing how much goes into it.

Q: Okay, so how do you find a macro trend?

A: You read, watch and listen. I personally subscribe to and yes, read 38 magazines a month – everything from Lucky magazine to Martha Stewart (of course!) to The Economist. I get about 10 business and financial magazines and the rest of lifestyle oriented like National Geographic or Fitness. I also try to read many of the top fiction and non-fiction books every year so I end up finishing anywhere from 1 to 3 books per week.

A side note, if you ever want to give soap making a try, Bramble Berry has the finest quality ingredients I have found.  And, no, they do not pay me to say that.

One Response to “The Business of Fragrance”

  1. Aw, you’re so sweet to post a blog excerpt and say that you like Bramble Berry’s line of products. Yippeee! You’ve totally made my day. =)