Posted by Charity on February 18th, 2009

I imagine that over the next few weeks we are going to be hearing about all of the little prizes hidden inside the stimulus bill, now that someone actually has the time to read the thing.

CNET is already reporting that the Dems sneaked net neutrality in there.  (Yes, I know this is a couple days old.  Geeze, people, cut me some slack.)

Now, perhaps extensive Net neutrality regulations are wise. But enough people seem to have honest, deep-seated reservations about them to justify a sincere discussion of costs and benefits–rather than having the requirements stealthily injected into what supposed to be an emergency save-the-economy bill scheduled for a floor vote within a week or so.

This is the same point I brought up the other day.  There are enough things in this bill that warrant full discussions and votes, such as health care, education, welfare, and energy reforms.  It was wrongheaded and foolhardy to cram all this stuff into a bill that barely had time to be read, even by the people who were voting on it, let alone the public.

I have a feeling that the provisions lurking in the stimulus bill will make the CPSIA debacle look like good government.

One Response to “What’s Lurking in the Stimulus Bill?”

  1. A NATIONAL EMERGENCY! YEAH!??? Keep hearing that, but here again the Dems and Republicans have shown that when they can’t agree on how to solve a problem, they look for other problems, or create them. Well…these are not the brightest minds. The planet’s dying. When they finally get around to addressing Global Warming, they’ll probably tell us to turn the heat down to 65…oh, wait, we already did that one…Never Mind.