Posted by Charity on February 20th, 2009

The New York Times has an op-ed on CPSIA.  As you might have guessed, it is wrong.  Ignorant and wrong.

As I covered previously, the regulations were delayed over concerns that the testing requirements were too expensive for small crafters, micro- and small-businesses, and resellers, many of whom would end up being driven out of business.

According to the NYT, the delay was a mistake, the concerns were merely “needless fears,” and President Obama should replace the chairwoman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission with someone who loves toys, or something like that.

Unfortunately, the commission has yet to implement important aspects of the new law. The delay has caused confusion and allowed opponents to foment needless fears that the law could injure smaller enterprises like libraries, resale shops and handmade toy businesses. [Emphasis mine – CT]

Interesting that the Times claims the delay caused confusion.  It was actually the regulations themselves that caused the confusion, resulting in untold amounts of old books, toys, and clothes to be thrown into landfills.

The truth is, the way this bill is written, it will injure smaller enterprises.

Last time I checked, the problem toys that prompted this legislation were not coming from granny’s Etsy shop, but from large multi-national corporations.  Regulate them.  Inspect products coming into our country from countries like China, at the manufacturer’s expense.  Do not pass broadly sweeping regulations that treat multi-million dollar companies the same at the at-home mom knitting teddy bears to sell online.

Or will that cause too much confusion for the New York Times?

Hat tip: Overlawyered, also posting on this.

2 Responses to “New York Times Opposes CPSIA Delay”

  1. The idea IS to hurt small businesses. Who lobbies for this stuff? (behind the scenes) It’s like the old sixties quote: “We’re going to DESTROY the small business people in order to SAVE them.” Shit. What next, get rid of all those paintings that were done with lead based paints? Health Art, yeah. A good NEW YORKER cartoon would be a group of people in front of some masterpiece at MOMA, and the health freak from Vermont (wearing a Save Our Family Farms button) saying: “Is this Masterpiece organic?”

    We’re gonna regulate ourselves into Hell. Then, I guess, we can ask the Devil if he has a Burning Permit. Jesus. Save us from the Safety Conspiracy. I’ll bet Hillary’s over there giving the Chinese all the new business for kiddies books. Hope they include Chinese lessons.

    Thank you, Charity, for being on this story. Where’s the OUTRAGE from the Left? Oh, that’s right, I forgot–they’re taking that new ‘safe’ pill for ‘anger management’ called Yuppie See/Yuppie Do. Well, I hope some government genius is going to ‘recycle’ all this lead, ammo’s getting expensive. God–what’s the next Pentagon budget gonna look like?

  2. OK–This one’s for you, Charity:

    Yuppies Take Over The Afterlife
    (a country-western tune)

    Well we all know how
    the yuppie scum
    have regulated
    us to death
    from cigarettes
    to small businesses
    it’s a wonder
    there’s anything left
    they say it’s about
    the environment
    but it’s really
    about their lifestyles
    so when they die they’re
    all going down to Hell
    and bug the Devil
    for a while

    They’ll ask him:

    Hey Mr. Devil do you have
    a burning permit?
    we formed
    an activist committee
    to have a Vigil
    at the Bottomless Pit
    we’re gonna organize
    some change down here
    our petition will tell you
    all about it
    but to start off
    Mr. Devil
    can we see
    your burning permit?

    then they started
    with the Demons
    the Devil he was
    they got Hitler
    and Mao and Stalin
    and all those other
    dictator guys
    to help put up
    some fancy condos
    a jogging path
    a co-op
    and a fitness gym
    it was too much
    for the Devil
    they yuppied
    the Hell outta Him

    Hey Mr. Devil
    let’s see
    your burning permit
    all that smoke you’re making
    is bad for our health
    we think it’s time
    for you to quit
    we’re having us a rally
    we’re gonna march
    and pitch
    a yuppie fit
    til you give up and move
    to someplace else
    where nobody
    gives a shit

    Well the Devil
    he couldn’t take it
    so he sent
    all the yuppies
    up to God
    and when they all
    got up to Heaven
    they gave God
    a wink and a nod
    they said hey God
    we all need a hug
    we need some spring water
    and iPods
    and while we’re at it
    we’d like to know
    just what exactly
    is your job?

    Hey God
    show us
    where it’s written
    that you were chosen
    to run all this?
    we’ve been through
    all this stuff
    a million times
    just ask the average
    American working stiff
    so we need to make
    some changes here
    just for everybody’s benefit
    and to start off God
    can you show us
    who signed
    your God permit?


    Peter Buknatski
    Montpelier, VT.