Posted by Charity on February 20th, 2009

Great.  Infinite monkey theorem is now racist.

Is there anything we can say anymore?

Hope and change in Obama’s post-racial America!

I wonder what will happen to our cultural literacy with all of these banned phrases.  I once saw someone taken to task on a blog over the phrase, “beyond the pale.”  As in, it’s racist.  I kid you not.

Then there was that “black hole” kerfuffle.

Personally, I think these incidents make the accusers look ignorant of culturally acceptable expressions and their meanings.

Now, if conservatives look at the comic and see a reference to infinite money theorem and liberals look at the comic and see a reference to Barack Obama, who is the racist?  I’m just saying.

Anyway, didn’t Pelosi write the bill?  Did Obama even actually write any of it?

I cannot deal with this for for years.

11 Responses to “No More Typing Monkeys”

  1. No more typing monkeys? What’s going to happen to Main Stream Media now? My God! What’s going to happen to Investment Banks and all our major corporations–and they didn’t PAY the typing monkeys? I see another bail-out on the horizon. We must ACT NOW to end Species Discrimination! Write to Peter and Bernie and Pat. Tell them: “Hey, without typing monkeys, who’s gonna staff your future campaigns. This is NOT about race, this is about Animal Rights. And we want those monkeys unionized! Some of my best friends are monkeys. Come to our rally ‘Monkeys For Peace’ on the Statehouse Lawn, April 1, 2009. Remember King Kong!”

    Now, imagine if I put that comment on Daily Kos–the monkeys would be burning up the keyboards. However, I think the Post cartoon ‘deliberately’ omitted the typewriter, just to juice-up potential readerships. Well…I hope to Hell the Chinese are still behind us in the ‘Typing Monkey RACE’–”Mr. President, we must not allow a Typing Monkey GAP!”

  2. The New York Post’s cartoon was incredibly racist and incendiary, but that has nothing to do with the infinite monkey theorem or the other things you mentioned. Frankly I don’t really understand what you’re saying here. Are you saying Post’s cartoon wasn’t racist? Because it totally was and I’m sure you must understand that it was.

  3. It wasn’t racist. It was, at worst, racially insensitive.

    Obviously, now we are expected to be hyper-diligent about making sure that any criticism of our government is thoroughly scrubbed for anything that could be perceived as racist. Awesome! I am proud of my country for the first time evah!, to paraphrase our First Lady. (Or is that racist to paraphrase the First Lady. You know, she is black.)

    I guess only an ignorant, racist conservative would have thought the cartoonist was referring to a chimpanzee writing the stimulus bill, in a reference to the whole monkeys with typewriters/Shakespeare thing. (Or perhaps that the stimulus bill was so random and ridiculous that a chimp must have written it.)

    Any rational person would infer that the cartoonist was implying that President Obama – who did not even write the stimulus bill – was a crazy, face-eating chimpanzee and needs to be shot.

    Thanks for clearing it up for us hillbilly red-neck conservatives.

  4. Peter, you know, the cartoon would have been more clever and less obtuse for the culturally illiterate, if a typewriter had been placed near the chimp. But then, as you say, they would not have had so much publicity. (The New York what?)

  5. It was, at worst, racially insensitive.

    At least you realize that.

  6. I have two black kids, both teenagers (adopted at birth). Neither of them are what I call racially wounded. But they see race differently than I do. My son said Barack Obama isn’t really black, he’s bi-racial. Whole different thing, in his point of view. Already there is a certain defensiveness in their attitude and posture when the subject of race is raised by white people. (I mean apart from the normal quota of defensive teenage attitude and posture!) And like I said, they haven’t been hurt (yet). What must it be like for people raised with the social segregation and barriers that passes for “normal” in America? I guess that’s why they call it “racial tension”. Because it is tense. And if there is pain resulting – real pain, as opposed to mild guilt – it is suffered more by black people than white, I think.

  7. Haik, did you see that I put your quote in my sidebar? I crack up every time I see that.

  8. But it wasn’t Creationist. God, I gotta stop. Or else, the PC Police will send me to a Sensitivity Workshop. The Post apologized, by the way–an admission of something; didn’t read the apology. Remember, the NY Post is Murdoch. This reminds me of how wigged-out folks got about the famous New Yorker cover with Obama and Michele (and bin-Laden). I thought it was funny; I got the joke. And I hated it that so many liberals and PC types jumped on the New Yorker. It’s the only magazine left in this country where critical thought is not a Right or a Left track. And good cartoons, too. Airing out this stuff is much better than having it suppressed and lurking somewhere in the darker corners of the American consciousness. Remember what Mark Fuhrman said at the OJ trial about not using (or thinking?) the N-word in 10 years? Come on. And ‘Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell’–Sounds like a line a pedophile would use. Once again I say–Political Correctness came from STALIN. But he didn’t shoot monkeys, just people.

  9. I do understand, to the extent that I can, that older people have some real wounds. I think that someone should have said, hey wait, this is not what you think, and then explained the reasoning behind the cartoon.

    I don’t believe that the cartoonist meant the chimp was supposed to be Obama, but to the extent that it offended people, it was right for the paper to apologize.

    At the same time, this sort of accusation of racism just prolongs the racial tension for another generation.

  10. Haik, did you see that I put your quote in my sidebar? I crack up every time I see that.

    Yes. I saw that.

    No one person wrote the stimulus, but that’s not a defense for this cartoon, since the cop speaking in it doesn’t realize that. The person most associated with the stimulus is Obama, of course. Obama is black. Racists often compare black people and primates. They did it to Obama during the campaign. Many black people live in fear of the police. And many are shot by the police. There are still a lot of racists in this country and many of us have real concerns about the president’s safety because if that. This cartoon runs right into all of that, and there’s no way it’s not on purpose.

    You can say they were only being “racially insensitive” but it’s a fig leaf. If you know, as the Post did, that you’re being “racially insensitive” in a way that will greatly offend thousands of people, I don’t see that as any different than racism.

    It’s not about being the “PC police.” People have the right to say whatever they want. But don’t pretend that nothing in the world is offensive. That’s silly.

    Your interpretation of the cartoon as a reference to the infinite monkey theorem is a stretch. It’s a much shorter, straighter path between the cartoon and the interpretation I just laid out.

    I find it very difficult to believe you could be so willfully ignorant about this and lot’s of other things you’ve posted on. I want to believe you’re just playing devil’s advocate and are not, in fact, actually the devil.

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell though. That’s why this blog drives me crazy.

  11. “the NY Post is Murdoch.”

    Exactly, it was the New York Post…what do you expect…they *exist* to be incendiary.

    “It wasn’t racist. It was, at worst, racially insensitive.”

    And there’s a difference??

    “Your interpretation of the cartoon as a reference to the infinite monkey theorem is a stretch.”

    To say the least!