Posted by Charity on February 27th, 2009

We’re coming into the home stretch here, folks.  Tuesday Burlingtonians choose their new mayor.

Here’s a round-up of some great mayoral race coverage from the alternative media set.

Burlington’s premier local politics blogger, Haik Bedrosian of Burlington Pol, did a fantastic job this election season bringing us interviews with each of the Burlington Mayoral candidates.

Here are the links to his interviews with Bob Kiss, Dan Smith, Andy Montroll, and Kurt Wright.   He should have the transcript to his interview with Kurt Wright up soon.

Haik also has been diligently investigating the questions surrounding IRV and election integrity.

Seven Days reporter Ken Picard profiled all four of the leading mayoral candidates.  Here are the links to his articles on Bob Kiss, Kurt Wright, Andy Montroll, and Dan Smith.

Mr. Picard also penned an article on Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About IRV – But Didn’t Know How to Ask.

Burlington’s own government access channel, Channel 17, hosted a live candidate forum, which you can view here.

Channel 17 also has you covered if you want to watch other mayoral debates online.  Here are the links to embedded videos of the Vermont Workers’ Center People’s Forum and the Ohavi Zedek Mayoral Debate.  There is also a video of Ben Pacy presenting the ballot items.

She’s Right live-blogged the Channel 17 debate and my after thoughts on the debate are here.

Now you have all you need to get informed and get out to vote!

3 Responses to “Burlington Mayoral Race Alt. Media Round-Up”

  1. Thanks for the links Charity! Our live election coverage begins at 7:30pm on Tuesday and will also be streamed lived at We will have a crew reporting live from City Hall as well as cameras roving the downtown parties. Should be a fun night!

  2. Gotta say, can’t begin to figure out IRV. Kurt W. tried to explain it to me – the fourth place finisher’s second place votes get counted first? Gimme a break. Too complicated to game, maybe, but still pretty arbitrary.

  3. IRV is *not* “aribtrary”.