Posted by Charity on April 30th, 2009

When I saw the headline on my news feed, I thought, this must be FOX News.  But, no, it was the AP.

FACT CHECK: Obama’s job, deficit claims are iffy

Could it be that the ban on reporting anything that might cast the president in a negative light has been lifted and the media is finally going to start doing its job?

One can only hope.

One Response to “Day 101 – Is the Honeymoon Over?”

  1. Well…I was pissed he didn’t comment on my ‘scoop’ on Broadsides about Michael Colby becoming a Democrat.

    Republicans as Democrats, or vice-versa. I mean, forget Gay Marriage–aren’t there laws still about inbreeding? Maybe Douglas will become a Dem. He’d probably win their primary. (Jeez,now there’s a joke for GMD…gotta go)