Posted by Charity on June 9th, 2009

I’d better get on that, eh?

I am having a really hard time blogging about politics these days.  And I don’t mean just because I have to wear these blasted wrist braces that go more than half way up my forearm.

I guess I heard one too many times that old saying, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

I have nothing nice to say.

I am completely baffled that, when faced with a president they believed was disastrous for the country, liberals were motivated to carp about it endlessly, day after day after day, for eight years.

My word, how did you live like that?  I think I would have killed myself.

Honestly, I just want to forget about politics and go hug my kids or make soap, or something.  Anything, but politics.

But then, I never did have that saving-the-world-through-blogging sense of self-importance you see so much on the left.

I do this for fun and, frankly, it hasn’t been fun to talk about politics lately.

I will though.  As soon as I get these homeschool portfolios ready for the ever-watching eye of the nanny state.  It’s real important stuff, like quizzes to prove that I teach my kids hygiene and proof they are getting physical education, and other complete wastes of our time.

But there I go again, fearing the government, like some kind of crazy right-winger.  It’s not like the over-bearing, ever-expanding government actually has a negative impact on my life or anything.

Bagh!  See what I mean?  Nothing nice to say.

2 Responses to “Did I Say I Would Blog This Week?”

  1. How does the state know you didn’t just give your kids the answers to the quizzes?

  2. I know. The whole thing is pointless.

    I guess, if I were just giving them the answers, at least they would be getting the material. Or something.

    The thing is, they can tell what stuff we are doing solely to make the state happy (the pointless stuff) and they resent it, too. So really, it is just serving to push them toward libertarianism. Hey! Like it did for me!