Posted by Charity on June 19th, 2009

This is a post that I have put off writing for weeks now.  I am not sure where to start, so I’ll start at the beginning.  That is always a good place to start.

Back in 2001, I wanted to start a website to post my political rants.  The first name I came up with was Right Wing Wacko.  I liked it, but I wanted something that reflected that women can be outspoken conservatives, too.  She’s Right was born.  Of course, the blog would not come for another 5 years.  I did have a website on AOL, though.  (Yeah, lame, I know.)

Over the past 8 years, a lot has changed.  In 2001, I was a working, single mother of 2 in my twenties.  Since then, I got married, became a stay-at-home mom, had another baby, came to Christ, started homeschooling, and started a business, to name a few things.  And I am no longer in my twenties.  Haven’t been for a few years, now.

I am just not the same person.

Politically, I have changed, too.  I have become a lot more libertarian leaning.  Many of my beliefs do not fit neatly into a box.  I no longer see any benefit to the left-right dichotomy.  The world is more complex than that, and so am I.

It seems like it is impossible to have a conversation with someone on the left, without first going through the painful process of undoing all of the stereotypes they hold about me.  If I am conservative I must also be [fill in the blank].  Sometimes I am, sometimes I’m not, but mostly not.

Most of the time, I don’t get through all of the negative stereotypes.  There just isn’t enough time.  The process just leaves me aggravated and sometimes even hurt.  Political blogging has become nasty, to say the least.  Life is just too short.

I just see very little personal benefit to political blogging anymore.

We decided to move to New Hampshire this summer and I though, great, this is a perfect time to end She’s Right.  I want it to forever be a Vermont political blog.

Well, we put off moving until next year.  So, I was left with a choice.  It’s a hard choice because She’s Right is part of a community of Vermont bloggers.  I like being a part of that.  But that community has changed into something I don’t like very much anymore.  I thought it was because of the election, but that wasn’t the case.

It’s also a hard choice because She’s Right makes me money.  Money that I have been using to get my soap business going.

Then, I saw this Venn diagram on Althouse the other day.  It’s called “how to be happy in business.”

She’s Right was something I did well and wanted to do, so I learned how to monetize it.  Once I was being paid to do it, I was all “Hooray!”  (Yea!)

But, I don’t want to do it anymore.  It is life-draining.  It is hurtful.  And most of y’all don’t read a darn word I type!  I cannot count how many times the responses to my posts totally miss the point.  (Maybe I have become too obtuse?)

So, now She’s Right is just something I can do well and can be paid to do, not something I want to do.  Now I need to learn to say “no.”  (The Venn diagram must be obeyed!)

With that, She’s Right is saying “goodbye” at the end of the month, as I originally planned when we were moving.  I still have a few posts that need to be posted, not the least of which are the lost Vermont Tiger symposium posts.  It was February 2, for Pete’s sake!  I still have my notes, though, and they will be posted.

Those of you that have been with me since the Blogger days have been through this before.  I will not be back in 4 months like I was last time.

For one, I am putting all of my spare time into my soap business and my personal/soaping/cooking/crafting blog, All Things Hold Together.

For another, I don’t want to be She’s Right anymore.  I don’t want to blog politics.  I don’t want a clever, yet in-your-face name.  Besides, the need for a good conservative Vermont blogger is no longer there, and there are plenty of ladies filling the conservative woman niche to overflowing.  It’s the right time for me to move on.

The original plan was to start a new blog that focused more on technology and other geeky things that I love, with occasional political bits.  I even came up with a name, registered the domain, and designed a blog theme.  But that is tabled for the time being.  I need to focus on my family and my soaping, and myself.

Thank you all for reading, commenting, and e-mailing me.  You are what kept me doing this for so long.  I will keep the domain and the e-mail address, so you can all still reach me at that address if you have a poem you want to send me or something.

And, as I said, I will be posting for the rest of this month.  Be sure and tune in.

6 Responses to “Learning To Say “No,” and “Goodbye””

  1. A perspective that will be missed. Liberals are bor-rrrring. Good luck to you.

  2. Voids don’t get filled; they may get papered over, but the uniqueness of perspective is gone.Good luck!

  3. Are you going to the barbecue this year? It’s in Montpelier.

  4. Charity, you have been my “what does the other side think?” blog for two years now. Thank you, I always found your posts reflecting a very in tune and thoughtful mind, even if I didn’t always agree with them. You’ll find a nice spot in NH for your libertarian leanings….being the daughter and granddaughter of two long time NH libertarians, they treat them pretty nice over the river there….just watch out for those property taxes! Thank you again.

  5. Thanks for the kind comments!

    Haik, I am not sure yet. Are you?

  6. I have only known your work for a short time, but that does not preclude me from asserting that your blog will be missed. I understand the need to pull away, even to retire. I am also quite familiar with the “Don’t give to the dogs what is sacred for they may turn and rend you to pieces” sort of risk associated with publicly taking a political stand. This blogging thing is nasty, really.

    My observation is that my leftist interlocutors are more interested in Who says what than What is actually said. That is why they more often than not turn to ad hominem fallacies: if they can reject or reduce who you are, they can reject what you’ve said without the bother of processing your arguments. If they’ve determined you are an X, they can just presumptuously toss you and your words aside. Again, this is strictly my experience, and this experience is NOT indicative of all leftists, but just about 99% of them.

    There is no real difference anymore between Vermont and NH, except for the remote possibility that things in NH still have a chance to move towards sanity. As far as NH libertarians are concerned, I find the lot of them politically embarrassing.

    God bless you.