Posted by Charity on June 26th, 2009

I was out today and every place I went was playing Michael Jackson.  Even Small Dog Electronics (an Apple store in So. Burlingon, VT).  And Barnes and Noble Booksellers was playing some instrumental version of “Smooth Criminal” with a violin.  It was surreal.

I tried to find the violin thing on You Tube.  I found this David Garrett video. I don’t think it is the one I heard It sounds different from the one I heard, but it is very cool.  Who knew classical instruments could rock out?  (Yes, I know, plenty of people knew that.)

The German lady speaks until about :50 in.

You can find the video of the original Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal here. (Embedding disabled, unfortunately)

Then there is always the Alien Ant Farm version, if you’re into post-grunge alternative. The video is a fun homage to the King of Pop himself, including the light up sidewalk a la Billie Jean. But, somehow I remember the song sounding much better when I was 25. (Man, I hate getting older.)

Again, embedding disabled, so you have to follow the link.