Charity on July 19th, 2009

Once Bill Simmon said, on his local radio program, Poli-Sci-Fi Radio, that I was “spectacularly wrong.”  I loved that quote so much, it earned a place of honor at the top of my “What people are saying about She’s Right” section in the side bar. What exactly was I spectacularly wrong about?  Well, probably all […]

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Today, Dr. Donnica Moore was on The View and the topic was preventing bone loss in women.  One of the ladies asked her about the recommendation that women should get a bone scan at age 30 as a baseline, since bone loss can start that early. She replied that she agrees with that recommendation, but […]

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Charity on July 6th, 2009

I just wanted to update you on what is going on with the blog.  I know I said I was done at the end of June, but I also said there were a few things I wanted to post before the end.  Well, I didn’t get to those posts and June is over.  I still […]

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