Posted by Charity on September 7th, 2009

That would make a fun feature.  Here’s today’s entry: “We have come to the point where the right wing in America simply denies the legitimacy of any election in which the Democratic candidate wins.”

I kid you not.  Someone honestly made that statement after 8 years of “He’s not my President” and “stolen” election BS from the left.

Laugh out loud, or bang your head against a wall.  Take your pick.

So, yes, I am still around.  I know I never gave this blog a proper send off, still a few loose ends to tie up.  It is still on my to-do list.  With the arrival of the school year, my life will take on a more predictable routine.  And, with school work dominating the day, the kids will be happy to be rid of my company come afternoon.  So, I hope to get it to the top of the list very soon.

I have continued to resit the urge to blog about the political topics of the day for lack of anything nice to say, but I couldn’t resist posting that quote above.  It was too rich.