Posted by Charity on November 3rd, 2009

I was rummaging around in my virtual attic and I found this dusty old blog.  It looks like someone just forgot about it and left it lying around.  What a shame.

I really had the best intentions about wrapping up She’s Right with a series of posts about things I wanted to post before I officially closed the blog, but as my 11th grade World History teacher once said to me, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.  (Yeah, I did hate her.)

The problem was, once I decided that I was done with this blog, I was done with it.  I could not make myself post on it.  I have quite a few posts in draft, but I just couldn’t finish anything.

I does seem that I need to do something.  This blog was so important to me for so long.  It deserves better than this.  Besides, I have something that I should share with you that I think you might find interesting.

Check back the rest of this week for some parting thoughts and some good news about where else you can find me.  There is life after political blogging.  Really.

2 Responses to “Look What I Found”

  1. Good. I was getting ‘worn-down’ and ‘marginalized’ by the Liberals.
    Two nights ago, I had my friend’s daughter look up and play for me on her computer (didn’t know you could get good old music on the internet–good for something): Phil Ochs’ old song from ‘65?: “Love Me, I’m A Liberal”)

    “Love me, love me, love me,
    I’m President Huxtable…”
    (My new name for Obama–he sells JELLO.

  2. President Huxtable
    November 4th, 2009 at 1:21 pm

    Hey man, that JELLO is good for you. I want all Americans to eat more Jello. THAT’S my Health Care plan, man: J-E-L-L-O! Now eat it!