Posted by Charity on November 11th, 2009

Today’s xkcd seemed fitting to post here.

Raise your hand if you don’t know someone like that.  If you’re a Vermont reader, chances are slim that your hand is up.

One Response to “The Real Problem”

  1. As I criss-cross this great big blog of a nation I have heard from the people who sustain and diversify the many issues confronting us this pre-election year and I promise that, if elected next year, I intend to put a stop to all of it. My fellow bloggers, with your support (and love), we can change channels and seek out a deeper mission that the whole world watching will know ain’t the same old shit. Let us move forward beyond health care to realize the utter subliminal our electronic voice speaks in terms of freedom, justice, and sex. For without justice, there can be no freedom. Without freedom, there can be no sex. Without sex…well, hell, let’s just bag it all, and give the planet back to the animals. Maybe they’ll figure it out. So there is my platform. If I could, I’d pay you to vote for me, but Wall St. took the 700 billion I applied for as start-up funds for a very small business. What the…oops, I mean, WTF…this site is fighting me…goddamn computers! I promise, when elected, no more computers! Back to the Typing Monkeys, I say. Thank you.