Posted by Charity on November 18th, 2009

I re-opened the comments on the Losing My Religion post.  I promoted the post a little, so I wanted to let people comment on it.  You know, if someone wants to tell me that I wasn’t a “real” Christian, congratulate me on finding reality, or just tell me to stop being such an attention whore.  Whatever.  All comments welcome.

And, since I just looked this up to make sure I was doing it right (yes, I am that neurotic), I thought I would share this will you.  It’s part of my new value-add approach to blogging.

Hyphenated Words in Titles

A general rule of thumb is to always capitalize the first unit and capitalize the second unit if it’s a noun or adjective or if it has equal balance with the first unit.


  • “Twentieth-Century Poets in South America”
  • “City-States in Nineteenth Century Europe”
  • “Non-Christian Religions in North America”

The second unit should be in lower case if it’s a participle modifying the first unit or if both units constitute a single word.


  • “English-speaking People throughout Asia”
  • “Medium-sized Companies with Unions”
  • “E-flat Minor Melody”
  • “Self-fulfilling Prophecies in Small-Town America”
  • “Re-establishing a Youthful Outlook”

Speaking of blogging, what on earth am I still doing here, you may be wondering.  Yes, I am being a total flake.  I am sorry.  Life happens.  As you have read, I have been going through a lot of changes and just haven’t been able to focus on wrapping up She’s Right the way I wanted to.  I have not changed my mind about ending She’s Right for good, though, and my new blog is almost ready for the big reveal.

2 Responses to “Comments Re-opened”

  1. Okay–I got it: “Pig-f___ing-Yuppie-scum-Nazis were polled today-tomorrow on what they would do if a truly-Socialist-State came in-to being. Their reactions ranged from ‘No Way-Jose’ to ‘If-I-wanted-to-live-in-Vermont-,I-Would-Have-Been-Born_Gay’-!.” Or–maybe-NOT.

  2. Hey Charity,

    How do stand on computer ‘touch-screen’ voting. Jim Hogue and I formed Vermonters For Voting Integrity in 2003, and had a bill we wrote restricting touch screens in Vermont ‘gutted’ by our Sec. of Stae, who is now running for Gov.