Posted by Charity on November 25th, 2009

Since I am no longer going to be your go to site for conservative political opinions, I figured I would share with you some of my favorite conservative sites.  I recently purged most of the political blogs I was following from my Google reader because my sanity necessitated it.  But, I still have a few must-reads, so here they are.

My number one site, the one that I would read if I could only read one blog, is Althouse.  If you aren’t familiar with Ann Althouse, she is a law prof from Wisconsin.  (Yeah, the one who married one of her commenters.)  She is conservative, but she voted for Obama.  I like her blog because it is an interesting round-up of what the internet has to offer and I love her conversational tone and seemingly incidental humor.

The best Vermont conservative blog is, of course, Vermont Tiger.

The best national blog for discussion of issues is Q and O.  Q and O is a libertarian blog that tends to be more policy-oriented and less gotcha partisan garbage.  A big thumbs-up on that.

The best place to find out what is hot in conservative opinion is Ace of Spades HQ.  If you can get past the foul-mouths and the locker room-style humor, it really is a comprehensive look at what conservatives are talking about.  And Ace has some first-rate commentary when he’s on a roll.

Finally, if politics has you ready to just bang your head against the wall, laugh along with the right-wing humor blog,  IMAO.  Bear in mind, you will probably only laugh if you are conservative, and only then if you have a certain sense of humor.

So, that’s my informal list of She’s Right blog awards.

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