Posted by Charity on September 6th, 2014

I have decided to bring back She’s Right.

This is something I have thought a lot about over the past few years. When I stopped blogging about politics, it was because I realized that I wasn’t really sure what I thought anymore. But I knew that once I sorted that out, I would return to blogging one day.

I debated whether I should just start a new political blog, or maybe do political posts on my other blog, Shatter Nicely. Ultimately, I decided to come back here and revisit my old posts from the perspective of my current political views, which are much more liberal.

From the new about page:

Over the past five years, I have slowly started to become politically involved again, and I found that my views were the complete opposite of what they had been before. I also found that there were things I had written here that I strongly disagree with now, and frankly, am a little ashamed of.

I decided that the remedy for that was to come back to She’s Right and right the wrongs—or at least rewrite them.

I will not be removing any old posts, only writing a rebuttal to each one that I disagree with, publishing it as a new post, and linking to it in the original post, so that anyone who finds their way to an old post will be able to read both sides.

Thanks for reading She’s Right. I hope you get something out of your time spent here, and I welcome your contributions to the discussion.

So that is what I am doing here. I already have three posts that I am working on from way back when She’s Right first started on Blogger in early 2006.

There is something satisfying for me about coming back to a blog named “She’s Right” to admit that I had been so wrong. I’ve left these opinions that I disagree with, in some cases strongly, just hanging out here for anyone to read, unchallenged. I felt like the only proper way to remedy that situation was to do it here.

I will probably also occasionally post about current political issues and events, because how could I blog about politics and not do that?

For a more in-depth look at my views, take a look at the new about page. I took each line from my list of political views on my original about page and contrasted it with what I think now.

I am really looking forward to this new project, and I hope to read your comments in the weeks and months to come.

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One Response to “She’s Right Is Back, But Now She’s Left”

  1. In ’64 in New Jersey, I was a Barry Goldwater/Objectivist(Ayn Rand) conservative young lad of 15. In Jan.,’65 I went to the Goldwater group post election blues meeting where older people who I thought were decent folk started in on how our efforts should focus on the growing threat of black people who were rioting and getting too many civil rights acts from LBJ. Well, Charity…I got up and made a little speech about it being shameful and ‘southern’ to talk about people who were fighting for their rights against unconstitutional ‘fascist’ racism, and how we should support black people as good and true conservatives and Americans. Well…the hate looks I got from these same folks who I had ‘networked’ with last fall caused me to just walk out, and within a few months, mostly because of the civil rights struggle and Vietnam, I became a flaming Leftie. You just bring your right foot over to your left–”you do the hookie-pookie and you turn yourself around.” Now, at 65, I think White Lefties are full of shit too, because they have abandoned blacks (look at Ferguson), Native Americans, immigrants, women, workers, etc. to throw their energy into alienating our Jewish population with all this Justice for the Palestinians and Israel runs the U.S. shit. What about JUSTICE HERE AT HOME? So, Charity, it will be interesting to see you ‘considering’ all the justice at home issues in your new leftie style. I’ll be here to ‘correct’ you if you start sounding like a ‘white priveleged student of Marz, Lenin, and Mao Tse-Tung thought (Oh God, the SDS in ’66-’67).