Charity on August 28th, 2008

Yesterday, the headline on the Burlington Free Press read, “Clinton hails unity,” the subheading, “Tells supporters election is not about her.”
The thing is, I think that for many of her supporters, the election never was about her. It was about them. It was about us. Women.
Heck, even my mother-in-law was going to [...]

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Charity on May 12th, 2008

IMAO with Top Ten Things We’ll Miss About Hillary.
I especially liked 7, 3, 2, and 1.
In all seriousness, it’s funny how the left’s apoplectic reaction to Hillary (once their imaginary hip black friend came along) almost makes her, dare I say, likable. Almost.
(I have to note here, for the humor impaired, that the title [...]

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Charity on April 22nd, 2008

I am not much of a Hillary fan.
I mean, I would be if she didn’t want to raise taxes, institute universal health care, infringe on our Second Amendment rights, pander to liberal special interest groups, and, you know, if she wasn’t a Democrat.
Even so, this clip of her on The Colbert Report is funny.
And I [...]

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Charity on April 3rd, 2008

So I’ve been thinking. A while back, I bought a big new stereo system that I really could not afford, so I bought it on credit. They gave me a great low-payment introductory offer.
But then, the payments went up and now I can’t afford them. Now the company wants to repossess my [...]

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Charity on October 1st, 2007

Last week, Sen. Hillary Clinton announced her plan to give every baby born in the US a $5,000 bond from the government for paying for college or purchasing a home.
My first thought when I read this – well, my first thought after, here we go again with the Democrats competing to out-buy the American voter [...]

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Charity on September 18th, 2007

I finally got a chance to sit down and read Hillary Clinton’s new health care plan. I have a lot to say about it, so let’s get right down to it.
As evidenced by the statement I quoted yesterday, Sen. Clinton is still recovering from the wounds she received the first time she unveiled her [...]

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Charity on September 17th, 2007

So, today Hillary Clinton unveiled her health care plan. I can’t wait to get into this, but right now I have a date to watch Curious George on PBS with the cutest and smartest 4-year-old in the world, so I’ll leave you with this:
“I know my Republican opponents will try to equate health care [...]

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