Charity on April 28th, 2009

This video I found via GeekSugar is so funny, in a cheesy sort of way.

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Charity on April 5th, 2009

It’s a strange day when Ace of Spades HQ and Vermont Daily Briefing both have posts expressing the same opinion on an issue.  But then, it’s a strange day when Congress is trying to give the president power over the internet.
Politics makes strange bedfellows, indeed.
There is one notable difference between the two blogs, though.  VDB [...]

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Charity on February 10th, 2009

Today.  5:25.  In this very spot.  Be here, or be a sphere.
(I stole that line from Dave Barry.  He’s much funnier than I am.)
5:25 – The debate is starting.  No James Simpson!  This debate suddenly got less fun.
First question – tell us why you are the best person to be the next mayor.
Kurt, seriously.  You [...]

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Charity on February 9th, 2009

She’s Right is bacolicious.  You can be, too.
Have I mentioned lately that I heart the internet?
HT: Ace of Spades

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Charity on November 21st, 2008

I can’t bring myself to blog about politics today. I am sick, yet again. I sure hope this is not an indication of how the entire winter will be. This is my sixth cold in two months, the second major one. Ugh!
Yesterday, a few of the blogs I read were talking [...]

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Charity on October 26th, 2008

I was just looking at my site statistics and out of my last 500 hits from search engines (my log only shows the last 500), 125 came from searches for “Burton protest,” or some permutation. Plus, another 22 came from searches for the names of the women who organized it.
That search currently tops [...]

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Charity on May 19th, 2008

As if I don’t already have too many things to do online and not enough time, I decided to sign up for Twitter. You can follow my “tweets” (a totally lame name, BTW) in the sidebar.
I was thinking it would be cool to jot down my random political thoughts that are too short to [...]

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Charity on April 9th, 2008

My husband sent me a disturbing link to an article about an emerging computer service industry: cybercrime services.
Criminals have started to use online cybercrime services instead of having to deal themselves with the technical challenges of running their own Crimeware server, installing Crimeware toolkits or compromising legitimate websites.
Read the rest at Tech Republic.

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Charity on February 28th, 2008

The word pronounced \ˈyā\ is spelled y-e-a. NOT y-a-y.
Example: Yea, my blog traffic is at an all time high!
What? You thought “yea” was pronounced \ˈyaə\. No. That is spelled y-e-a-h.
Example: Yeah, I do hate it when people spell yea, y-a-y.
I am sorry if this post offends anyone, but this is my biggest [...]

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Charity on February 27th, 2008

So, I finally joined MySpace and I have to say it kind of stinks. I don’t get it. Why are people so into it? I thought it was kind of lame.
Maybe that is because I have no friends, yet. Maybe I will love it, eventually.
I joined because I have been [...]

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